Mary’s Camp is an outdoor day-camp by the beach of San Joaquin town opened in 2017. Marian Rose brings children who are afflicted with cancer or other chronic illnesses, orphaned, and/or troubled by difficult circumstances for a day of solace, peace, and games. Mary’s Camp gives these children an opportunity to just be children, with a day of playing and having fun away from the hospital or the dangers of the streets.

Below are some of the groups we work with:

    A. Friends of Kids with Cancer Iloilo Foundation, Inc.

    B. Good Samaritan Volunteers

    C. SOS Children's Village

Library and Day Care Center Enhancement Program


 Marian Rose assists in the repair and repair of libraries and day care centers in depressed/damaged areas to help provide worthy learning centers for children.



Approximately eighty children aged 4-30 years old in the Special Education class of the Oton school system receive assistance each year from Marian Rose. The children are diagnosed with a variety of disabilities including ADD, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, difficulty in hearing, muteness, or vision problems.

Marian Rose will visit these children and provide the following:

    A. Dental Care and Restoration

    B. Basic Pediatric Care

    C. Gymnastics and Stretching Techniques - Teaching both Parents and Children

    D. Staff Development:

Dr. Jason Vladescu, Director of Center for Autism of Caldwell University, advises the Oton Special Education staff, equipping them with teaching methods and resources. Members of our team are also speaking with the Global Autism Project to reach


Education of High School Girls


Each January, three hundred high school girls of Iloilo National High School enjoy a full day of learning with the following topics:

    A. OB/GYN Health

    B. Breast Self-Examination and Breast Diseases

    C. CPR/Basic Life Support

    D. Basic Self Defense and Situational Awareness

    E. Appreciating the Night Sky: A Workshop on Astronomy

The goal is to empower these young women to take responsibility for their personal health and well-being, while encouraging them to seek out medical care when necessary.


Midwive's Seminar


Each year, approximately one-hundred twenty midwives from the Province of Iloilo have a full day review of their skills and knowledge. Topics covered include the following:

     A. Complicated Vaginal Deliveries

     B. Maternal Hemorrhage

     C. Maternal CPR

     D. Neonatal Care and Resuscitation

     E. How to Start an Intravenous Line

By the end of the seminar, these midwives are equipped to serve their communities to the fullest and provide life-saving care to women in need during the tenuous process of childbirth.

Caring for Caregivers


Marian Rose World Mission works with the Soroptimists International of Iloilo to develop a support program for women caregivers in various capacities of society, including surrogate mothers in orphanages, policewomen, caregivers of Alzheimer's patients, and school guidance counselors.